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December 28th, 2015
08:51 am


My neighbors across the street are good people. Salt of the Earth type. They had three sons; beautiful black-haired boys. The two eldest have grown up to do themselves and their upbringing proud.

The youngest, as beautiful and as smart as his brothers, was playing in front of his house one day, in the yard. He was about 4, I believe. A drunk driver drove right up into the yard and hit the boy.
He lived.Collapse )

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December 25th, 2015
06:16 pm


So what do I hope to accomplish yet?
I mean, I'm 69.Collapse )

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December 21st, 2015
02:01 pm


Yeah, right.
In my last entry I said I wanted to get back to Journaling. You can see how well that's gone.

But I'm better, in a more permanent way than ever before.

In March of 2014, I decided that I had to conquer the yeast. Shortly after that, I lost a tooth, and vowed it would be the last one I ever had to give up on.

I can't say I've been sugar free ever since then, but I haven't gone back.

I had vein treatments last year, through the fall and early winter, that made a tremendous difference on my energy and ambition.

And in December I learned about my A-fib, and got a pacemaker. Not a great thing in itself - the pacemaker operation was so stressful and restrictive that I lost a huge amount of arm strength. I simply could not do as much this last summer as I could a year ago. But at least I learned a heart problem that I really have. I suspect there are more, but I'm not ready to have a doctor look at them. Causes consequences.

In August I did a yeast cleanser protocol that was more effective than anything I've ever previously done, and expect to do it again in January. It is neither cheap nor easy. During the intervening time I have learned more and more horrendous things about the consequences of systemic yeast.

Your doctor will never tell you about them. If you get rid of yeast, you might actually get healthy. There is some evidence that it is the primary catalyst to cause cancer.

My thumbs still display arthritis, I still wobble when I walk, I'm still an old lady, but I'm better.

Oh, and I've lost 15 pounds! Never, ever did that before. In fact, I've lost 2 inches off my waist.

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May 6th, 2013
02:15 pm


My pH is 5.5 again - dangerously low. I guess that explains why I can't walk. I've been careless, because things were going well.

So I've looked up my list (pHbook.wpd) of alkalizing foods, and I shall get busy eating.

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11:42 am


I really want to get back to Journaling.

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May 9th, 2010
02:43 pm


I'd forgotten how much information I have recorded here. It is now more than a year later, and I had the second hip replacement operation that April. It isn't healing as well as I'd like. The side muscle still won't hold my weight up so that I can walk normally; I kind of hobble. Or waddle.

I'm doing all right with diet. I'm 'off' sugar, though eating a little. I've discovered that a grapefruit for breakfast balances my pH while providing a little energy. I'd forgotten about doing running steps first. I'll have to re-try that.

I've been way too busy. I'm running around madly trying to keep up, and I'm tired most of the time, but I don't think it's my diet.

Caffeine works again, and I've been overusing it. I suppose it will quit on me again soon, and I'll have to do without for awhile.

All-in-all, though, I'm doing much better than I was when I wrote most of these entries. From hindsight, I think most of the problem was the contact cement. Sugar exacerbates that, but I think the contact cement itself so overbalanced my pH that I couldn't catch it up.

I'm glad to have learned about that angle, but I could wish I had learned it sooner and much less painfully.

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February 22nd, 2009
10:20 am


New home
If you ever come here, you still probably haven't noticed that I haven't been posting.

The subject of my health just seemed to need a new approach in a new environment.

If you're interested, I'm now over here: Baba's House

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January 17th, 2009
01:04 pm


Again primarily for myself, and for anyone who finds odd lists interesting.

What I eat to keep myself from eating sweets:

One of each per day
Egg Deviled
swiss egg strata
egg on toast
egg sandwich
Swiss and ham rolled together
mini pizza.
Breadtoasted cheese sandwich
cheese puffs
ham sandwich
PotatoRaw, boiled, baked, creamed, fried;
in stew or soup
MeatChicken livers, steak, chicken, etc.
One or two per day:
CerealGranola, Shredded Wheat, Cheerios, Raisin Bran
At least one of each per day:
Cooked vegetablePeas, corn, string beans,
lima beans, broccoli, squash,
beets, carrots
Raw vegetableBroccoli, cauliflower, cabbage,
carrots, peas, corn, lettuce,
peppers, celery
Souptomato, onion, chicken noodle
SeafoodFake crab, salmon, fish sticks,
shrimp, halibut

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January 1st, 2009
11:11 am


Very, very important:

The odor of contact cement really screws with the bone/metal connection of a replaced hip.

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December 14th, 2008
03:09 pm


When things are going well, when I've accomplished and feel good about myself, there is some saboteur within me which tells me that it's time for a reward. At the last post Dec. 5, I was feeling pretty good and energetic. But the rot was already setting in. I had just gone grocery shopping. I happened to notice the Jello dark chocolate pudding cups in the refrigerated section, that are sweetened with xylitol, and I bought some. I truly convinced myself that it was safe to do that.

Four days later, when I ate the last one, I was depressed, hurting, and all energy was gone.

So I've spent the last week trying to make up for it. With great will power, I avoided opening canned fruit. I did, however, eat a little applesauce, drank some fruit juice, had an orange.

No. Can't do it.

Still in pain. Not eating any fruit at all now. I took a Zoloft to get me out of the depression, and didn't need more than the one. Now of course, I'm eating anything and everything that isn't sweet in order to avoid eating the sweets that I'm craving.

It goes something like this. Raw vegetable, egg on toast, fake crab, cashews, mini pizzas (sauce and cheese on English muffin), chicken livers, cheese puffs (homemade), raw vegetable, potato, can of vegetables, toast and butter, cashews, cheese, fish, red meat, fresh-cooked vegetable, cashews.

But it's working, as it has in the past. Energy is returning, depression is gone (I think), pain is still bad, but I'm taking a LOT of nsaids - 15 yesterday. This is from someone who has taken one aspirin a day (if that) for the last two years.

And I'm still exercising, although not as heavily as I'd like. (I didn't for three days over the worst of the depression.)

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