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Goals - Taro
December 25th, 2015
06:16 pm


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So what do I hope to accomplish yet?

I mean, I'm 69. I could just give up like 'everyone else' of my age and condition does. I could eat chocolate, become more crippled, sit down and play computer games. Get around on a scooter. And die in a couple years. It actually sounds attractive. It's so much easier to give in than to keep fighting. That isn't human nature though. As a whole, we keep fighting to the end.

I know that if I should actually get healthy, I would have dozens of things that I want to do. That life would be exciting again. There would be things worth doing again. In spite of that knowledge, and in spite of how far I've come in the last year, all I really want to do is eat.


Okay, forget all that. Stick with the subject at hand. Health goals. Things I have to accomplish if I'm ever to feel *good* again.

What are the problems to overcome?
1. The desire to eat good tasting food.
2. Heart problems.
3. Venous insufficiency.
4. Leaky gut.
5. Bone loss.
(In other words, Candida.)

Number 1 is the key to the rest. My sugar addiction is the cause of all my significant health problems.

Eat no sweet, wheat, meat
Sweet - Anything that tastes good: anything with sugar of any sort. Although apparently I can go as sweet as an orange. Not apple.
Wheat: Anything wheat. Pasta, bread. Cookie/cake/pie was eliminated with 'sweet'.
Meat: Mammal meat. I still eat all other animal products.
a. Do not eat each day until I must
b. After that, eat constantly so that I'm not tempted
c. Take pills, take pills, take pills ...

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